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August 12, 2013

Hello Family!!!
Okay mom you are the best! Your blogging skills are helping to forward the work! We had a Los Angeles English meeting yesterday to help prepare for the start of classes tomorrow. The Elder in charge of the whole production mentioned that the website search ratings went up because someone put a link on their blog. He was like "Its called Mike in the Clam or something like that...?" I was like "THAT'S MINE!!" So way to go Mom!!! 

And that's so great you are getting to know the Elders. I'm sure their families are appreciating the pictures. Missionaries are the best! Not that I'm bias or anything. :-)

To answer your questions, I was in Hollywood for only one night and it was during the week. The Preach My Gospel class is something they do on a Tuesday night. It’s the same time as mutual and all that stuff. As for adding music to the i-shuffle, I have no idea. And I don't know if the mission leader sells wands. I don't think he has in the past. He and his wife are out of town for the next few weeks, but if I stay in the area I'll be sure to ask. I LOVE my shoes, especially the blue ones. They are so comfortable. The black ones are great too. The only ones I don't really like are the brown ones. I thought they would be the most comfortable and they are the ones that gave me the blisters. Plus, they aren't that cute. And thanks for not letting me get the old lady shoes. I saw a man wearing the “man version” the other day. I was like, I almost bought shoes like that…awkward. 

CONGRATS TO MCKENZIE!!! I'm sure she will love serving in DC; especially in the Visitors Center!!! 

(Editor’s note:  Mikayla’s cousin, McKenzie received her mission call and will be reporting December 18, 2013). 

Thanks for the update on your lives. It’s always great to hear about what everyone is up too. 

This week we did a lot of service! A lot. We were assigned a time to help with Temple Cleaning on Wednesday. When we arrived assignments were changed and we end up not working in the temple, but in the patron apartments, which are right next door. It was fun. They are renovating the apartments, so we just helped moved out old furniture. My companion Sister Perry found this sound soother thing. It has all these different sounds like "ocean waves" "thunderstorm" "rainforest". You get the idea. She has been having problems sleeping at night, and she took it as an answer to a prayer. She asked the man in charge what they were going to do with the extra stuff and he told her she could have it. So this whole week we've been falling asleep to the sounds of thunderstorms. Apparently it’s working for her. 

Yesterday was also Sister Perry's birthday. She's finally left the good years of what she calls "joventud" and has become a full grown adult. She's twenty. It’s been fun living up the past week. Last P-Day I took her for pedicures to celebrate her birthday. Oh and funny thing about the pedicures. We didn't have enough time to let the polish fully dry, so they put bags around our feet to prevent the paint from smudging. Yes we walked in public with bags on our feet. We also currently have four birthday cakes in our fridge at home. The members love to take care of us especially during our birthdays. So there has been no shortage of cake. When we were at Rogelio's house on Saturday for lunch and cake, they told her to participate in the Mexican tradition and bite the edge of the cake before cutting it. Well as she went for the bite, they shoved her face into the cake. It was hilarious and she loved it! I love the Mexican culture. 

One of my friends (shout out to Mackenzie Peay!!) sent me a talk last week in the emails and I absolutely love it. It is by Elder D. Todd Christofferson and called "Give us This Day our Daily Bread." LDS.org - CES Fireside - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread  It talks about how we need to trust and rely on the Lord every day. Just like the Children of Israel had to trust the Lord every day to give them the mana, we have to trust him every day to provide us with our needs. Take things one day at a time and put your full trust in him. It’s definitely something I am learning to do on the mission. But it’s a wonderful talk. If you have a second, read it! 

Love you all and thanks so much for your support. Also, transfers are next week so P-Day will be on Tuesday. Just a heads up for when my next email will come your way. There is a chance that Sister Perry will be transferred. She is the best and I've never been without her while I've been in CA. If she leaves I'll be the one to know the area the best. That's terrifying! But I think I could do it. Hard stuff makes us stronger right, so I'll just look ahead at how this is improving me.  Oh and guess what, I will hit my three month mark this week. I'll officially be on the mission longer that I was in Spain. That is so weird to think about. I can't decide if the time is going fast or not. This transfer flew by, but this past week was really slow. I guess to make up for it. 

Thanks again for everything. LOVE YOU ALL LOTS!!!
Hermana Mik Pillar 

Pedi by Linda 

Happy Birthday Sister Perry!

When polish isn't dry!
Happy Birthday Hermana Perry

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