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August 20, 2013 

Hello Family!!! 
Greetings from the LA area. So transfer calls came last night. And the verdict is... I'm leaving Venice. Actually both my companion and I are leaving. I don't know if I've ever mentioned but our ward had 5 companionships of missionaries. President Weidman thought that was too many and as a result, we are the ones to leave. Our area is being divided and given to three other companionships. Sister Perry is going English speaking and I am headed to the Downy and serving in an area called Cudahay. My new companion will be Sister Rudd. I've only heard really good things about the area, which is nice. Apparently, it’s like a little Mexico and its one of the areas all Spanish speaking missionaries want to serve in. I've got mixed feelings, excitement with a small dose of shear terror. But I'll go where the Lord wants me to go. It will work out. With the call to leave, I also realized how much I love the people in my area. It’s going to hurt a little to say goodbye. That's the life of a missionary for you, new adventure, and new people. I didn't sleep well last night and have so much packing to do today.

One of the families we had just recently started teaching is the C. family. Because of different schedules we were teaching the sons separately from the parents. (The sons work and are in there 30s.) They are super great people. I felt so accomplished for just getting into their house. A lot of Hispanic people are Catholic. And some of them have a sign on the door that says "This is a Catholic House. No Soliciting Please." The Cruz have one of these signs on their doors. But they let us in. :) I hope whomever takes over their area takes good care of them. They all have a lot of potential. 

Tomorrow we are leaving for the transfers. Each morning we run in this park and over the past few months have become acquainted with a lot of the people. We know all the owners and their dogs. This morning we went on our run and said goodbye to all of them. Our one friend Michael is disappointed we are leaving. Sister Perry said after her mission she’s coming back to the park to convert Michael. Ha-ha I really hope so!

Highlights from this week, we started our English class. Los Angeles English is officially teaching to the Spanish population. And the classes were a huge success. We've had two classes so far and both days we averaged about 20 people. Not to shabby. I taught the intermediate level on Thursday and loved it. Teaching is way harder than I ever thought, but so much fun. Hopefully, we will be able to start up another unit in my new area. 

This past week I've been reading in Mosiah; such great stories. I cannot even believe the testimonies those people had. They heard the word and were converted even though it meant persecution. They turned to their Lord and I love how he didn't just take away their burdens. He made their burdens seemed light. The Lord doesn't make our problems and trials go away. He makes us stronger. He loves us enough to allow us to go through the difficult times so we can be better people. I love this. I love the mission. It’s hard and at times terrifying, but it’s amazing all at the same time. 
The Church is true. Christ lives. Keep the Faith.

Good luck Maddie and James with the start of school. 
Hermana Mik Pillar  

Sister Moeller, Sister Forbush, Hermana Pillar & Hermana Pillar  

A watermelon decorated like a cake; made a member (Martinez) daughter. 

Pineapple dinner at the Olivares.  So good! 

Hermana Pillar & Sister Lago 

Olivares Family, Hermana Perry & Hermana Pillar 

Hermana Perry, Hermana Pillar, Sister Lago & Sister Fautz 

Hermana Pillar & Elder Blackham (a friend from freshman year at BYU)

The Kelleys who work in the mission office. "Love them!"
Venice Area 

Last night in the Venice area; Rogelio & Saul 

Venice Zone

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