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April 28, 2014

My Dearest Family,

I just spent all my time sending pictures! Yikes. Sorry this will be fast and rushed!
But this week was AMAZING! Literally AMAZING! We were combined and rockin the trio. And we were covering both YSA and UCLA. We were so busy all week running form appointment to appointment. It was nuts. But being busy is like the best feeling on the mission. 

And the verdict on transfers… I'm out. I leave for the Hermosa Liahona ward tomorrow morning. It’s a Spanish area in the North Torrance area. And that's all I know about it. I haven't ever met my new companion.  Her name is Sister Diaz... I think. And it might be her second transfer. I’m kind of bummed to leave, but I figured it was going to happen. Since the area for UCLA and YSA was combined there is now one companionship covering both areas. I'm jealous about that. This past week we covered both and it was literally one of the best weeks of my mission. We met SO many cool people and so MANY new investigators! Like it was so cool. SO COOL. So I’m bummed to leave now. But it will be good. It always stinks to leave but it always turns out good. So hopefully it will happen the same again. And I will still have a car!!!  Sister Rackleff is staying in the area, but Sister Shute is going to the same zone as I am. 

I did get the package from the beehive! IT WAS DARLING!!!! I LOVED IT! And I failed because I didn't have time to write a thank you card. Its on my to do list for today. And Sister Olson's package did come! Thanks! Oh and I need to buy a new blanket (I gave my other one to a homeless person; it was a very cold night so when we got home I got my blanket and we took it back) and I'm going to need to buy a new t-shirt and they didn't update our card for this week (not sure why) so I have no money to buy groceries. So I’ll be using my personal card.

So cool miracle from the week (one out of many).... let's rewind a few weeks to when we did the sidewalk chalk on UCLA campus. Everyone remember those pictures. Well that day we met this Japanese girl named Saori. She LOVED the chalk and even came back later to take some pictures. Well that was the last I heard from her because she was in the UCLA jurisdiction. 

When we combined again I heard that they didn't have her number and hadn't really met with her. #disappointment Well, at the beginning of the week we ran into her again! It was so exciting. This time we asked for her number and set up a time to go check out the Visitor Center. Love that place. So we went on Saturday, and it was just great, simply great. She loved everything about it, and we gave her a Japanese Book of Mormon. She was excited. We then went and walked around the temple and took pictures. 

Other miracles that happened this week....
1. We ended up at a Japanese reunion thing at the Westwood building. They invited us to eat with them and the food was so good! It was a bunch of members all part of the Japanese culture who get together about once every few months. They were all bearing their testimonies, some in English and some in Japanese. The spirit was so strong and just a testimony builder that the Gospel is true in all languages.  (Tell Weston I met some people from his mission). 
2. Met with Simba Cruz. He is named after the Lion King and the coolest guy ever!
3. Met with Andrew! He's a really cool investigator!
4. Less active came to church. Less active brought a friend to church. Friend wants missionary discussions!

Love this gospel. Its true!!
Sister Pillar

The following 3 photos are from the "castle" Sister Olsen took us to. 
Just scenery
"Sister Shute, Sister Olsen and me"

"cool artsy one i took"
 "I was pretty sure I was going to be transferred so pictures from my last Sunday with the YSA"

KaRynn Sheranian and Sister Pillar
"Me and Bishop McKissick.... He's the best! Literally the best guy for a YSA ward." 
"Landon, Stuart Hall, Me, Denis Yugay, and JR Sellers. Love them!!
"And then with Dennis Lopez.  Such a cool kid!" 

"So at our last correlation meeting I asked if we would take a picture.
Its sisters, Lindsey Stirling, Mark Rowan (WML) Jack Heluo, and Raul Salzar 
the bunched one... bishop's face got caught in the back. its sooo funny!"
Sister Rackleff, me, Saori, and Sister Shute 
"I stayed in states, but there are still creepy things here." 
Decorations in UCLA dorms! 
"My last run in Beverly Hills"

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