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April 21, 2014

My Dearest Family!!!

The subject of this email refers to a song we have been listening to non-stop! It’s talking about the gospel and it being the only true church. It’s great. 

I don't have a ton of time today... we made plans to go see a castle with Sister Olson, and we are running late! But quick overview of a very crazy but amazing week!!

First of all... Laura got baptized!!! It was such a special ceremony. We showed up at the building a few hours early to start filling the font. Well when we got there we took a look inside and saw a couple of spiders. Thankfully I have a brave companion. She was a trooper and went in to kill the little critters. Well the more we looked the more spiders we found. There was literally like 20 of them. Sister Rackleff is now the Spider Slayer. But we got them all taken care of and then we had a wonderful baptism. I'm so proud of Laura and excited for her!! 

1. We have the coolest members ever. We were fed almost every day this week. And I just LOVE getting to know the members. I'm so impressed with the members and their missionary experiences. We have been trying hard to push people to do the goals on the ward mission plan. And people are doing it!!!!! I love it when the members share with us their missionary experiences. Nothing lifts my spirits more. Like 99% of the time it doesn't even lead to a referral or anything, but I'm just excited the word is getting out there!
2. Rockin' the trio yet again. There was a mid cycle transfer and we are now in a trio with Sister Shute from Hawaii (she is great and super cool and fun) and covering two wards. This means... we are very busy, which is exciting! And we have very little space in our bedroom. Minor detail.
3. Lauren did temple baptisms this week! I was so happy for her! And she is going to Law School is UTAH!!! Guess who is totally hanging out with her in January! Ha-ha
4. This week we volunteered at a Baptist's church's food drive thing. We organized food into bags to be given out to the needy. It was super fun and super fun to be working with people of other faiths. The picture is with the Pastor of the Baptist Church. He told us that he is going to visit Salt Lake City with some of the members of the church in a few weeks and check out BYU campus. I told him to go eat a J-Dawg, which is said he would! :)

Next week is transfers…and I can't explain my feelings. I would LOVE to go back to Spanish. And I would be so excited too, but I LOVE the YSA. And we have people we are teaching. I can't leave them! Its like I would be equally happy to stay or go Spanish, but at the same time I'm going to be disappointed either way. Does that make sense? haha This next one is Sister Perry's last transfer. That is so weird!!!! 

Easter was amazing this year. We went to some members’ house and two guys made dinner. They are the BEST!!! We also spent a lot of time reading over and sharing the verses in Doctrine and Covenants 76:22-24. It has become one of my favorite scriptures. I love the sweet, simple testimony; "He lives!" Every time I read those words, the spirit touches my very being and lets me know that it is true. It’s amazing how simple the testimony is, but how powerful.

Christ lives! And that means everything. Because He lives again, we have hope. We can hope for and work towards Eternal Life. And I am so grateful for that. And I'm so grateful for the chance we had to remember His Resurrection and His Atonement and the fact that He is victorious. I'm so grateful for this Gospel and knowing that I can improve myself each and everyday through Christ's Atonement. If you haven't recently, I encourage you all to go and read those verses and what it means to you, "He lives!"

Love you all so much!!! 
Sister Mik Pillar 

PS Elder Ballard is coming to our mission in June!

Sister Rackleff, Sister Burbank, Me, Pastor, Sister Shute

Sister Rackleff, Me, Laura Chan, Mark Rowan

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