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May 12, 2014

My Dearest Family,

Buenas Tardes from Los Angeles!! It was so great to talk to you all. The Mother's Day and Christmas call seriously are the fast 40 minutes of the entire year. But I'm glad we had the chance to talk.

This week... I'm not even sure what to tell ya. It was a good one. We taught a ton of lessons and had three new investigators! One of them is C. We found her in a very unusual way this past week.

We were about to leave our apartment and do some Los Angeles English advertising, (which doesn't need to happen anymore because they cancelled the class) when our Sister Training Leaders called asking if we could do them a favor. Apparently, they had been teaching one of their new investigators, when his mom (C.) came out and started asking questions.... in Spanish. Neither one of the STLs speaks Spanish. And when the son tried to translate for them... things were getting lost. So we came over to talk to her.

C. was a mess. She came into the room and starting explain that her debt card was having problems and she had lost all her money, and that she had always tried to be a good person. And she kept asking why God was allowing this to happen to her. A scripture popped into my head, (right now as I'm trying to write this I can't even remember what scripture) but we pulled it out and read it with her. And literally it made all the difference. We read the scripture and she was like "oh... okay." And she stopped crying and all of a sudden was ready to listen to the message we had to share.

I loved how the power of the scriptures really just brought the spirit and softened her heart. The Book of Mormon has a power to it that you don't get from any other kind of book. It has the fullness of the truth and I am so grateful for it and its simple teachings! I encourage you all to make sure you are reading from it daily. God needs to speak to you each and every day. So open the book!!

I'll let you know how the later lessons go with C.. Other than that, I'm just trying to figure out where everything is and who everyone is. Also, we will be trying new finding ideas this week seeing as we are cancelling our LA English class. Hopefully, we will find some inspiration!!!

Love you all a lot!

Sister Mik Pillar

Oh and I forgot to tell you this yesterday... so I had my wooden pen sitting on the table. Sis Diaz picked it up and was like "Sister Pillar, what is your pen made out of...??? It looks like wood." I was like "Yeah it is wood. My dad made it." She thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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