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May 19, 2014

My Dearest Family,

I did it. I made it a year. And oh boy does it feel weird. Thursday was my year mark, and I literally just reflected. Well I did that and went to Café Rio to celebrate.

But it was pretty cool to think back on everything that has happened the past year.  I thought about my first day as a missionary and reporting to the MTC. I remember laying on my bed that first night, head spinning, and thinking to myself, "What have I done?!" I remembered that right then and there I decided I was going to endure and make it through. So far the road hasn't always been easy, but its been so worth it.

I also reflected on all the places that I've been too and served in, places I would have never imagined going to, and all the people I have met who literally changed my life. And I just felt so grateful that I was given the opportunity to serve. I've thought a lot about Matthew 10: 39 and how true it is. For the past year, I've given my entire self to the Lord, and I have never felt so blessed in my life. I've come along way, but am still going.

I had this thought this past week. My mission was never supposed to be the climax. It’s supposed to be the prep for a lifetime of missionary work. I'm stoked. I'm stoked for the months I have left and then the lifetime of missionary work I'll have afterwards. Sister Diaz always makes fun of me by saying that I'll be the RM who hasn't accepted the fact that she's not on her mission anymore. In all honesty, what's wrong with that? :)

So like I said, we went to Café Rio to celebrate and a random member paid for our food for us. I was so happy and so touched! Members, you are great! Just saying!!

Short version of what happened this week... (I wish I could tell you in person because it would be so much better) anyways.... so we are teaching this man named L. He is recently divorced (well going through the divorce process) and has two kids that live with him on the weekends. Usually our lessons with him are really spiritual. This past week was different. My companion couldn't feel the spirit at all and I couldn't understand anything he was saying. (We compared notes after the lesson.) My companion asked him about it during the lesson and said the spirit felt different that night and asked what had happened. Well we called him the next day and talk about that stuff and in that phone conversations he asked us if we had sent missionaries to his wife's house. We had NO IDEA where she lived. I hadn't even realized that it was close. L. said his kids had told him that five missionaries went to his wife's house. We were super confused.
We talked to the elders on Sunday. Come to find out, they had received a referral from the Tongan elders for a woman. So all the elders and a member went to teach her. Turns out its L.'s WIFE! So both of these people are taking the lessons and missionaries found them in completely different ways. 

Other news from this week, we had our last English Class. It was so sad to say by to all of our students. But we had a blast. We played this vocabulary game (that I had come up with) and everyone was laughing. It was a good way to end the class. Now our WML wants to rescue the class. So maybe it will come back? We are just kind of waiting to see what happens.

Also discovered that Sister Diaz has an allergy to seafood this week. The poor girl can't do shell fish. We had a delicious crab salad on Friday, which left us stuck in doors all day Saturday. I felt so bad.

The computer is about to log me off but know that I'm praying for each one of you and love hearing from you. I hope you are all reading the Book of Mormon and looking for the blessings in your life. The Lord blesses us when we follow his commandments.

From the west Coast,

Sister Pillar

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