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May 26, 2014

My Dearest Family,

I feel terrible about Lottie. Poor thing. I hope she starts feeling better.

(And Mom, thanks for the experience with Norman. That was really neat to read. I'll keep that in mind.)

Editor's note:  One of the Pillar's dogs has been having a lot of health issues and Mik's mom shared with her a story that Mik's Uncle Norman told at Mikayla's Grandpa's funeral. 

I got permission and I called Vivian and then found out her kids don’t even live in Lawndale, which is disappointing. 

We are emailing from the family history center today. We had a scratch on our car that we had to show the office anyways so we came up to email as well. I backed up into a dresser that's in the garage we park in. (Yes we have a little parking garage, which is nice because the street is always packed.  LA parking is terrible. And yes there was a dresser in the parking garage.  Sometimes I just don’t question things. Ha-ha).   I was looking at Sister Diaz and she didn't see it. They told us it was little enough we didn't have to pay for it though. :) I have to say I love Elder Hunsaker!

 I've just been stressing out a little because I feel like I'm not as good of a missionary as I wanted to be by the one year mark. It’s stupid, I know, but its how I was feeling; like I should be a super hero or something and I thought my Spanish would be a lot better.  My companion and I had heart to heart and I’m feeling much better. 

Lawndale is going. We dropped two of our investigators this week because we just couldn't ever get them to meet with us. We still have three other ones we meet with, but we are on the hunt for the elect once again. So thank you James for keeping us in your prayers! They are gratefully appreciated!!

I like the area a lot and finally think I have the streets down, which helps so much. Our apartment complex is neat. We have a Persian Man that lives next door who is a florist. So occasionally he makes us flower arrangements. And they are so pretty! The other guy is Latino and we keep inviting him to church, but he hasn't shown up yet. One day!

So cool story from the week.... we have been teaching this woman and her daughter. The woman has been super depressed since her son died in October and she hasn't wanted to do anything. She has been open to us stopping by but wouldn't read and or go to church. She can't see very well so she wasn't even trying to read. If she reads she has to use a magnifying glass. We were thinking about dropping her. Well, in one of our last lessons I promised her that if she would read the Book of Mormon for a week she would receive her answer. And guess what... SHE IS READING!! And reading a chapter a day! And she came the to Relief Society Activity! And she came to the Visitor Center with us! Miracles I tell you! Miracles!!! We are so happy for her and her mood has changed. She's actually like happy. Granted it might be some new medicine she is taking, but whatever it is, it’s working and I'm stoked for her!!!

I was reading in the Book of Mormon today in Alma. I've been taking good notes on how Alma and the sons of Mosiah did missionary work. I read the story of Aaron today and the conversion of the king over the Lamanites. And I got to say I was just amazed. In Alma 22: 15 the king is willing to give up HIS ENTIRE kingdom to find this joy that Aaron is telling him about. And it got me thinking. Am I willing to forsake everything for the joy that comes only through the everlasting gospel?? Still thinking about it. But hopefully one day I can reply with a yes.

Its amazing the lessons we learn from the Book of Mormon. And the change it has in our lives. I'm stoked for our investigator and to see what blessings she will receive from her obedience to read. I encourage all of you, tok reading it. And read it daily. I promise it will change your life for the better. Why... because its the words of the God. Let Him speak to you!

Love you all!!! Keep the faith!

Hermana Mik Pillar

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