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JULY 1, 2013 

Thanks so much for the birthday package. I was so excited, and then just started bawling. I just felt the love. I miss you all so much and thanks so much for thinking of me. It means a ton. But don't worry!! I've am being taken care of for my birthday. One of the recent converts and a member found out that it was my birthday (at different times) and invited us over to celebrate. So my companions and I went over to the recent converts house yesterday. It was seriously one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. He taught us how to make homemade tortillas and we had this soup, and then he bought me a cake with "Happy Birthday Pilar!!" written on it. (Yes there was only one "l" but it’s the thought that counts. Plus, it’s how everyone here pronounces it.) We also had two other recent convert there (both preparing to serve a mission) and two other members from the ward. Oh and get this, one of my life goals is finally completed! I tried helote!! It’s the Spanish corn from Nacho Libre and I've been dying to try it since arriving. And it finally happened. I was stoked. Plus it’s really good. The corn is just covered in mayo, cheese, and chili powder stuff. So you really can't go wrong. 

 Tonight we are going to the member’s house. I'm stoked because she's an amazing cook. (Mom, its the same woman that you talked to before about the shootings.) She really takes care of us. 

Last P-Day was super fun. My zone went on a hike for reaching our zone goal to be more consecrated missionaries. It was fun and super nice just to be in nature for a while. (Our area doesn't have a lot of trees.)

As for the rest of the week, we started teaching a new future member (aka investigator) and he's great. He has a lot of in depth questions for us, but he is super willing to learn. So that's exciting. We visited Hermana Leonardo this past week. She's an elderly woman in the ward from Guatemala, she's basically the definition of precious. I hope we can visit her again soon. We also started teaching a family this week! A family!! And they are so excited to learn. Another set of Sister Missionaries was already teaching them, but they were VC Sisters and the teaching schedule didn't work in their VC schedule. So we are teaching them now! We have only had one lesson, but the family is so kind and so prepared. I'll hopefully have more updates on them in the future.

Oh and this past Saturday, we went over to the Mendosas. They are an elderly couple in the ward. Hermana Mendosa is so cute and taught us how to make chili rellenos. They are basically stuffed peppers but 100 times better with pork, carrots, and potatoes inside, then fried in egg whites. I took pictures and will send them hopefully soon.  

Other changes, President Weidman arrived this week! We met him on Friday. He's so incredibly nice. He mentioned several times how much he really loves us. And some days, you just really need to hear that. He’s definitely bringing some changes. We don't know all of the new mission rules yet, but there is a very good chance we will be receiving the new technology. So we might have i-pads in the near future. Fingers crossed! 

And, Saul was confirmed and received the priesthood this week! He was our baptism last week. And I thought that was happy to watch. The confirmation was so glorious! Plus, they asked him to bear his testimony during Sacrament. It was sweet and simple, but you can totally see the light in his life now. I am so grateful for the chance we have had to know him and watch him grow.

Oh and next week are transfers. I have no idea what's happening to me. I don't know how kosher this is, but our zone is taking zone bets; It kind of feels a lot like March Madness. Everyone is putting in the bet. Some people think I'm staying and others think I'm for sure leaving the area. For a while I thought I would stay, but I really don't know anymore. We will find out next Monday, our P-Day will be on Tuesday, and then we switch on Wednesday. I'm excited either way.  But don't expect an email until next Tuesday.

As for the past week, I've been really trying to just trust in the Lord and be diligent. My companions and I have gone street contacting before and I'm terrible at it. I get way to scared and can't speak and just freeze. (Luckily my companions are pros and help me out.) But I have to get comfortable with it. Street contacting is not always the best way to find people, but it works. Saul was found through street contacting. So we had training on diligence, and read D &C 107: 99-100. New life goal: I will become the master at street contacting. I've been practicing role-plays with the companions. Not super fun, because they make it super hard, but its good practice for me. We even practiced in a park. Saul was there and even pretended to be an investigator and practiced with me. Good times. I'll keep you updated on how the street contacting comes. But I encourage you to take one of your weaknesses this week and work on it. Keep being diligent with your efforts and the Lord will bless you. 

Love you all so much. We have the best family. I'm stoked to be stuck with you guys forever! ;) 

Hermana Mik Pillar

Mikayla's mom had contacted Sister Burrows to ask if an Edible Arrangement for Mikayla's birthday could be delivered to her house.  Sister Burrows was already in the process of planning a birthday celebrating for Mikayla and was happy to receive the delivery.

Mikayla said, "Sister Barrow is an amazing cook". 
Happy 21st Birthday Mikayla 
Hermana Perry, Hermana Pillar & Hermana Buckley
President & Sister Weidman and President & Sister Baker 

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