Monday, December 23, 2013


December 23, 2013

My Dearest Family!!!

I GET TO TALK TO YOU IN TWO DAYS! HOLY MOLY!! I'm a bit excited. Also, thanks so much for the stocking!!!!  That stocking is seriously the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life!! I hope y’all have questions though because I don't even know what to tell you all. Just as a heads up I want to hear James play the 12 days of Christmas and see this new toy Dad and James use to makes the pens. That's so cool.

It sounds like you have all been very busy lately and hopefully the holidays will be a nice break. Mom thanks so much for the funeral potato recipe! I was telling Sister Olson about it and she was like that's a terrible name. So we now refer to them as cheesy potatoes. :)

The member we live with was like, “hey I have this authentic Santa costume”. And I was like oh really. I had no idea what an authentic Santa costume was. She got it out and was like here put the wig on. So first I had the wig and the beard on and the poor woman was laughing her head off. I've never seen her laugh so hard. 10 minutes later I was Santa.  See the attached picture. J

Things are going great here in LA. I love the weather, that's for sure! And this past weekend we had a Christmas Devotional with the mission. It was so well done. There are some very musically talented people in the mission. I think everyone was blown away. Then afterwards they fed us a Christmas feast! 

This week things are going a little slow just because not a ton of people are around, but it’s just putting our creativity to the test. :) A cool experience was on Sunday. We had an investigator at church and a recent convert introduced himself to her. He told her she needed to be baptized and that it would totally bless her life. It was such a simple testimony, but so strong and so powerful. I felt it and I know the investigator felt it. Never pass up an opportunity to bear your testimony!!! 

A few weeks ago we stopped by a member’s house randomly. We had been in the neighborhood and had an hour and half left before curfew. Well we got to know her and invited her to pray and then to invite someone to the Visitor center for the Christmas season. We hadn't really had a chance to talk to her since then. But she bore her testimony the other day at a testimony meeting and talked about us coming over and then the missionary experience she was able to have in the following weeks. I was so touched; the Lord really does put us in the paths of those that need us! 

Keep the faith! 
Love you lots! And talk to you soon!!!
Sister Mik Pillar 
Santa Selfie
Santa Pillar

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