Sunday, December 22, 2013


December 16, 2013

My Dearest Family!
I can't believe McKenzie is already leaving!! That's super exciting! She's going to love it!! 

Editor's note, Mikayla cousin entered the MTC on December 18, 2013. 

Glad to hear the Nativity was a success! Not going to lie, I kind of missed it this year. The Visitor Center is great, but it just not the Apex Nativity. 
And Maddie's getting her wisdom teeth out?! When did we all get so old? 

This week was good but pretty slow. We are running into the problem that everyone is leaving for the holidays, which makes staying busy really hard to do. Our new plan of attack is to contact all the YSA aged people that are still in the family wards. It’s still a work in progress seeing as there are over 700 names and we cover the whole stake. Our area is HUGE and then lets add in LA traffic. So it takes forever to travel from one side to the other, but we are starting to figure it out. This week is transfers, but both Sister Harrison and I are staying, and we have big plans for this coming year in the LA ward. We are going to change things up... hopefully for the best! I am excited to stay in the YSA area, but I do miss working with the Spanish community. 

Well I would like to point out that I will speaking to ya'll in just nine days!!! Can you believe it!? Its so weird to think how much time on the mission has gone by. By the end of next transfer I'll be almost half way. Crazy!!! 

Here's a quote that another Sister gave me the other day about Christmas that I really liked: "Are you part of the INN crowd or part of the STABLE few?" It’s amazing how much stability we have in our lives when we put the gospel first. We've been talking to a lot of our members recently about why the gospel is so important to them. And I have loved their answers. One of the most common answers was that it gives us a purpose. We are accountable for our actions and know that we are striving to achieve something greater. How lucky are we! Sharing the message of our divine potential is probably one of my favorite things as a missionary. We are royalty. And one day we will inherit the kingdom. 

Well, love you all lots and I can't wait to skype!! 
Hermana Pillar 

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