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February 17, 2014

My Dearest Family:

Sounds like the weather in NC is nuts!!! I can't believe it took people that long to get home! Crazyy. 

Editor's Note:  NC had a snow and ice storm which brought traffic to a stand still and 30 minute commutes turned into 5-6 hour commutes. 

I had to laugh a little bit though when you said the usual ride to the ski resort was 30-40 minutes and it took you 90 minutes because traffic was so bad. I have a new definition of traffic. We usually have to add on at least 15 minutes to anywhere we go and just assume we will hit traffic; one of the many joys of LA. :) But I've gotten use to it and really don't mind. 

So I've been looking back on everything that happened this past week and just can't even believe it was only 7 days since I last emailed. I'll hit the highlights, but its times like these where I wish I could send a voice recording or something to do some of these stories justice. All is well. I'll tell you in 9 months I guess.

But the highlights...
1) Lauren got baptized!!! It was a glorious day! And President and Sister Weidman came. As well as the senior couple the Kelleys. And the assistants to the President were there with one of their investigators. Then Lauren’s confirmation was just spectacular! She was so happy afterwards and I was so excited for her. 

Editor's Note: Lauren's baptism was on Mikayla's Hump Day! 

2) I heard y’all did your own heart attacking. Well that's what we decided to do as well. Thursday we cut out over a hundred hearts and Friday, with Lauren's help, we went and heart attacked people. It was so fun. Almost got caught, but definitely one of my favorite Valentines. 

3) We have two new investigators!! We met with Deshaina this week and had a killer Restoration lesson. She's great, and hopefully willing to meet with us again. We also met Isis. She's friends with a member in another ward, and so cool. She's hilarious and we are stoked to teach her this Wednesday.

4) Two giant spiders in our house. One was found when I looked in the mirror while brushing my teeth and saw it dangling above my head. Not fun. 

5) While trying to knock on a less active's door, a cop showed up. He asked us if we had made the call. I was so confused. Apparently there had been a break in recently and the police were coming to see the scene. Two thoughts crossed my mind...1. "Great he probably thinks we did it." Which thankfully wasn't accurate. 2. "The less active has to open the door now!!" Accurate, we finally were able to contact her!!! 

6) A member came tracting with us and then fed us deep dish pizza. So freakin' good!!! 

7) Katie and McKenzie, former roommates, both sent me packages!!!

It was a good week; lots of miracles and lots of reminders of how much the Lord loves us. We had a wonderful Relief Society lesson yesterday on the Plan of Salvation. I loved how the teacher started by saying happiness is not our goal. Our goal is to become like our Savior and happiness is a byproduct. I've thought about this a lot and its true. By becoming more like Christ, we progress, we change, and ultimately we are happy. 

I encourage all of you to pray for the strength to follow the example of Christ and be the person He is. I'm proud of all of you. And love you to pieces. 
Thanks for all the support!!
Sister Mik Pillar 

Best Hump Day Ever!

"Sometimes there are really big scary spiders in our room and we freak out a bit"!

Sister Kim & Sister Pillar.  Sister Kim is from Hong Kong and her friend is serving in Mik's home ward. 

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