Monday, February 24, 2014


February 24, 2014

My Dearest Family,
Ahhhh, that's so weird that we are already planning for things after the mission. Sometimes I forget how long I've been out here. Time is so weird. But Christmas in Utah would be super great actually. I would love to see some of my friends in Utah before school starts; like Kenzie. And Hailey is graduating so it would be super cool to see her! So yeah... I'm good for that. 

I haven't heard from Sister Sorto in awhile, but then again I haven't written to her either. I'll try and do that today. 

Aww man it would have been great to see Carlene and Larry, but I understand the rules. It is probably to help keep the missionaries focused and not get distracted. But that would have been sick! Good thing they didn’t come to the Family History Library because we don't even email there anymore. A new rule came out and you have to email at a public library in your area. So we are at the Beverly Hills Library. We were able to email from the FHL last week because the libraries were closed due to the holiday.

Oh that's super cool about Carlene and Larry getting ready to go on a mission; maybe they will get called to LA!!! How cool would that be! But Nauvoo would be cool too. I'm always up for another trip to Nauvoo! 

I have no idea if we will have zone beach trips or not.  President Baker did that beach trips, but I can never predict what Pres. W will do. And no more hikes :( we tried to go two weeks ago with some people from our district and were told only one companionship is allowed to go at a time, which takes a lot of the fun out of it. But we can sight see... if it’s in our area. But seeing as we cover the LA stake, basically everything is in our area. I really want to go to a museum called the LACMA, but it just takes so much time and we usually don't have a ton of extra time on P-days. So all the site seeing stuff is something we will have to do when we come back to visit.

I've actually thought about doing the EMT training. There's a good chance it could happen. Could you do me a favor and check when training would be? Like if I came home in October, could I have the training done before leaving for school in January? 

I kind of miss the thunderstorms in the South. We hardly get rain. 

No I hardly email any of my missionary friends to any more. I have three faithful people. They are: Mom, Dad, and Kenzie. Maddie and James don't write me like they use too. I've been out for along time...  Thanks for sending me Shandy’s email; I’ll write to her today.

And shout of to Blake!! Congrats on the engagement!!!! That's way exciting!

So this week... like it just flew by. I don't know where the month of Feb where went. Recently, we have been trying to contact YSA members whose records are in the family wards.  Basically, we have a list of 700 people and are finding that good portions of them have moved. We had a couple of experiences this past week where we just totally felt like we were in the right spot at the right time. And guess what... our members are getting stoked about missionary work. One of our members came up to us yesterday and said, "Sisters! Let me tell you about the missionary experience I had this week." It was like music to my ears. Then one of the speakers invited six friends to come listen to her talk! I'm so proud of our members right now. We really can't do anything without them.

We are currently teaching an investigator named Isis. She is so great. Love her! And she really likes the things we are teaching. She has been busy, so we haven't gotten to meet with her a ton, but we will be seeing her this Wednesday. I'm stoked. 

I really gained of testimony of God's timing this week. We had an experience happen where we were totally in the right spot at the right time. We met with someone that really just needed to talk to the missionaries. Then not only that, but other people were put into our path to help this person out. I was amazed. Our Heavenly Father loves each one of us so much. He puts people into our path to strengthen and lift us up. And sometimes we are that person for someone else. I was touched. It reminded me of John 14:18. The Lord will not leave us comfortless. I know this to be true. I've seen it over and over. He is always there, watching, and offering support when we choose to accept it. The Church is so true. Keep the faith!

Love you all!!! 
From the West Coast,
Sister Mik Pillar 

Ice cream with a member! 

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