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January 13, 2014

My Dearest Family,

Mom, it sounds like your talk went great! I'm proud of you! And I'm a bit jealous that Maddie gets to go snowboarding on Friday. We'll have to go again once I get back. But Maddie, take some pictures for me! 

And to answer some of your questions, I absolutely LOVE exchanges. They are pretty refreshing. There are about 5 companionships in the mission and they are all super sweet and great leaders. Plus, miracles happen on exchanges. It’s just a fact. We only have them once a month. Our District leaders are great. Elder Pham is our DL right now. He's from Vietnam and hilarious.

Another week has come and gone. I don't have a ton of time but here are the highlights...
So we had President Interviews this week, which are always great. There's something about having 15 minutes to just personally talk to the President. He is truly an inspired man. All week I was praying to have revelation for the LA area in the interview. We met with both President and Sister Weidman and I sure got the revelation. In both interviews, all we talked about was the new mission goal to have 20 meaningful gospel conversations a day. It’s been a true challenge for Sister Harrison and I; talking to strangers isn't a strength of either of ours. However, I couldn't deny the revelation I received from the interviews. I'm sure Heavenly Father made it that way. It was pretty blunt. I left with this new urge to have the twenty conversations. 

I didn’t ask the president about returning to a Spanish area. In all honesty, I would love to stay in the YSA ward for one more transfer. I LOVE serving with Sister Olson and I am really starting to feel connected to the ward. It’s my dream to be in the same area for three transfers. 

Let's fast forward to about 5 minutes after we left the interview. We were leaving the parking lot, and I saw a man trying to tie down some debris in the back of his truck. It was like this feeling of "Sister Pillar you have to go talk to that man." Mind you we were already in the car about to drive off. But I turned to Sister Harrison and was like we have to go talk to him. So we parked the car, and walked over and it was like I had this newfound courage. We tried to give the man and his friend a card. They accepted the card, but weren't super nice about it and we left. I felt great. That whole day we tried talking and testifying to people. We stopped one man on the street and I told him he would feel God's love in the Visitor Center. It was a really powerful moment because he said, "I believe you. I can see it in your eyes." I guess that is when it hit me that we really do have the light of Christ with us. It was just cool to see that. 

Well overall from that day and the rest of the weekend, we did not find any investigators, but as we continue to do what the Lord has asked, they will come. I know it. One blessing that I believe was a direct result of our faithfulness to the conversations was a lesson we had on Sunday. We have been trying to meet with this investigator for over a month. Because of scheduling conflicts it hasn't happened. Well we finally had a lesson with her on Sunday and it was so great. The Spirit was strong especially because our member present testified with her own experiences that were exactly what our investigator needed to hear. It was just a really cool experience.

So I know that we have a lot of work to do. I've got people to go talk too, but the Lord is blessing us. He does not forsake and is helping us to hasten the work. 

Love you all!! Maddie good luck with finals!! I'm praying for you! And James I want to see pictures of your pens!!!
Sister Mik Pillar 

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