Monday, January 27, 2014


My Dearest Family!!!!!

To answer some of your questions…married and single students can attend the UCLA ward, but single have the choice to go to the YSA or the UCLA ward.  My companion and I cover the YSA and that is where Dana chose to attend.  Lauren doesn't go to UCLA yet, but is hoping to be accepted. 

 Thanks for sending me a new brown bag for my "Hump Day" package; I’m sure it will be great! I'll let you know when I get it.  And holy freak, I new nine months was coming up, but I kind of forgot that it was "Hump Day", if that makes any sense. So weird. I felt like at this point I would know what I was doing. Yeah, that's not the case. haha 

Okay and shot out to Hailey Darger and Eric for getting engaged!!! I'm so stoked for them!!! 

This week's lesson.... just make it till Sunday.  When I was in the MTC some of the best advice I got, "if you are having a slow, hard or challenging week, just make it until Sunday".  This was one of those weeks. 

In reality we had like a super great week. The mission had a goal for every companionship to set two baptismal dates this week. Everyone was supposed to pray and exercise deep faith. Well, it worked! We set a baptismal date with Lauren this week for February 15, my "Hump Day".  What a great way to celebrate the half way point of my mission. So please keep her in your prayers. She is so cute and so great! And we love her a lot. 

We didn't set another firm date, but we did have one cool experience on the street. We decided to walk to a potential's house one evening. On the way we ran into this kid walking his dogs. Super cool kid, and we talked to him a little bit about baptism and right then and there asked him to be baptized! He said yeah! He's not 18 so we passed him off to the family ward sister missionaries, but hopefully good things will come from that. 

So in reality it was a good week. But we have been having a ton of free time on our hands. Not a ton of lessons and as a result, we have had to do a lot of street contacting. Which doesn't really make the time pass quickly. So I kept telling myself, just make it to Sunday. I was really looking forward to church and the sacrament and just being filled (3 Nephi 27: 16.) Well, miracles happen people. Sunday came. Lauren came to church. And then another random kid had walked into the Visitor Center and then came to church right afterwards. His name is Boyang. And he is so cool. We probably won't get to teach him because he wants to learn in Chinese, but it was still way cool to show him around church. Plus, there was a less active at church that hasn't been in months! It was such a good day. 

So please keep Lauren in your prayers and Boyang. And hopefully they will keep progressing!! Transfer calls are this Sunday, so we shall see where I am going to be for the next 6 weeks. I've never stayed in an area for more than 12 weeks. So I don't know if that streak is going to break or not. But whatever happens it will be great. 

Also, I need your help. Can all of you email me your favorite scriptures and why you like them?
Love you lots!!!!
Sister Mikayla Pillar 

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