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January 6, 2014

My Dearest Family!! 

So first HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm stoked for 2014! It’s going to be great. Plus it’s weird to think that I'll be home at the end of this year. Time seems to be flying. 

Another happy announcement... DANA WAS BAPTIZED! Dana is officially a new member of the ward and it was such a happy service. She just looked so happy and so full of the light of Christ. It was definitely a privilege to be able to witnesses it. We were worried that people wouldn't be able to attend because there was a church cleaning and a project to take down the Christmas lights at the Visitor Center that morning. So it was like 5 minutes before the baptism was to start and still not a ton of people were there. I was praying like crazy that we would have more people attend and then I literally have no idea where they came from, but the room was full right when it started. I have to say that I was super proud of the ward. 

Other news... I am now in my third trio of the mission. Sister Son has joined our companionship. It is only for the weekend, but it has been so much fun. We dragged another mattress into the bedroom, so the room is 85% bed and 10% dresser and desk and 5% walking space. Sister Son is from Korea, and I've been learning lots. She's funny and we have been joking back and forth. She told me I wasn't cultured enough (just for fun) so obviously she's been teaching me how to speak Korean and all about Korea. It’s been a blast. I am going to miss her when she leaves. 

Guess what... So I email Sister walker about every week to see how old Cudahy is doing. One of the less actives I worked with that started reactivating before I left is about to get her temple recommend!! I'm so happy for her! And it’s like in the 70s here. J In all honesty, I'm not sure how I’m going to be able to do the cold once I get back.

We also had exchanges this week. There are always miracles that come from exchanges. I spent Wednesday and Thursday in Hollywood with Sister Morgan. While Sister Peterson and Sister Harrison stayed in YSA. I was praying all day that they would find a new investigator. It’s been a while since we have found someone interested. We'll my expectations did not fall short. We now officially have a new investigator. He is from England and I get to meet him on Wednesday. I'm stoked. So please pray that he will continue meeting with us. Apparently he is looking for an answer from God and hasn't found it yet. But he is going to read the Book of Mormon. So pray that he gets his answer! 

Oh and I gave a training this week for our district on Revelation through Prayer. I learned a ton. Probably the best thing I learned was that when we are obedient we act on the revelation already given. It gave me a new desire to be as obedient as I can be. 

Okay well I got to go, but I'm just going to second what the Stake Presidency has asked you to do. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. There is a power that comes when we read the book. I can testify that I receive great comfort and feel the Savior's love when I read His words in the Book of Mormon. How else can we expect to receive revelation if we don't read the words. Please please please read the Book of Mormon. Learn to love it. 

Well I got to run, but love you all! Keep up the great work!!! You are all in my prayers!
Sister Mik Pillar

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