Monday, March 24, 2014


March 24, 2014

My Dearest Family,
So we had transfers. And I have to say that I am one of the most blessed people ever. Last transfer was great and I loved being with Sister Bobelenyi. I was worried that since God had given me such a great transfer last time that this one would be harder. But so far it’s been amazing. My new companion is Sister Rackleff. She has been out for a little bit longer than a year and is amazing! We really just clicked. She's a great teacher and hard worker, and I'm learning lots from her.

With the new transfers, they removed the elders from our ward. In the past the arrangement was Elders teach the boys and Sisters teach the girls. Since the Elders are now gone, we teach everyone. It was super exciting because we inherited all their investigators. The not so exciting part... I am so awkward around men! It’s embarrassing. We were calling a bunch of them to see if we could meet up with them and everything. Talk about awkward. But we did get a dinner appointment out of it so that was happy!

Lauren our recent convert came to a lesson with us this past week. She testified and really brought the Spirit. It was so cool to have seen her grown!

This past week was Persian New Year. Because the Persian Elders cover some of the same area we do, we heard about their ward activity to celebrate it. Obviously I wanted to go. We invited all the Persians we could find. I don't think any of them were able to attend.  We ended up going anyways, because there are a few Persians that are YSA aged. We met one of them and she might be teaching a Persian class for FHE in the near future. :)

Oh I totally forgot to tell you... we had a lesson with a new investigator this week. It’s a friend of a member. I had never met the member or the investigator. We show up at her place and she has people over and...THEY WERE ALL MODELS! I was like HOLY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!! Like seriously! The member is a model too!!! Only in LA! And some of them came to church on Sunday.

Oh and I got to see the Burrows last night.  I was soooo happy!!!  The Visitors Center has special firesides, which are called, "Why I believe Firesides." Last nights speaker was a space scientist. I really wanted to go, but none of our investigators could and we aren't allowed unless we have someone to take. So we went street contacting instead around the temple. When we were walking back to our car, we ran into the Burrows. 

Instead of going to the fireside we tried street contacting at bus stops. We got a new investigator!!! So stoked! And one pretty interested potential. 

As always, I have so much more to say but hardly any time. But just know that I'm doing great. The Lord lives and is blessing us. The work is hastening. Keep reading the Book of Mormon and being the light to everyone. The missionaries need the members. They make the biggest difference. 

I actually talked to President about when I will go home this week. He said he can only extended my time by 30 days. So I could stay another transfer but I would go home in the middle of it. (That's what some of the missionaries have been doing here. Its weird.) But he also said that he's thinking about shortening the November transfer and sending the missionaries home a week before Thanksgiving. It’s my choice. I said told him I’d pray about it and get back to him. But I'll for sure be home before December. 

Love you lots!!
Sister Mik Pillar 
Sister Burrows (a guardian angel to Sister Missionaries) & Sister Pillar

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