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June 30, 2014

My Dearest Family,

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It’s amazing to think another year has come and gone. I can't believe it. I opened the packages because I wanted to wear the new clothes on my Birthday. Plus, we like literally don't have time during the days. WE ARE SO BUSY! I've aged so much. Ha-ha, tomorrow we are going to the temple with one of Sister Landon’s converts and then plan is to go out to dinner and then get Persian ice cream!  It is like my new thing. We went all the time when I was in the YSA. I became friends with one of the employees and referred him to the Persian Elders "to help them practice Farsi." I don't think it went anywhere, but he went to the visitor center with them. Anyway Persian ice cream is better than the gelato I had in Europe.

Dad I hope your back feels better. And great job with the pen. President LOVED it. He just kept saying, "Wow, this is so neat! Wow!" And he said; "Now that's a man pen." Ha-ha so thanks for making that. 

 Ha-ha you can give the De Olivera's son the key. Tell him he doesn't have to wait till I die. I'm hoping it will be awhile. ;)

Editor's Note:  Mik's dad makes wooden pens and he made one with wood from the Holy Land for Mik's to give her mission president for Father's Day. Mik's dad one of his home teaching families a lesson on Priesthood keys and took a set of old keys, that belong to Mik as an object lesson. One of the little boys wanted to keep the key, but Mik's dad told them they belonged to Mikayla.  The boy asked if the could have the keys when Mikayla died.   

It sounds like Scout camp was fun! It’s so weird to think James is like growing up. I meet people his age and think, "wow they are so big." And then my next thought is "wow that's how old James is." Same thing goes for Maddie. 

It’s weird to think I'll be 22 tomorrow. I almost feel like I was never 21. Time was just kind of frozen on the mission. It’s weird to think how long I have been on the mission. In some ways I feel like I just got here and in other ways I feel like I have been a missionary my whole life. Crazy.

Please tell the Eliasons thank you for saving your lives. I’m grateful that you are all living. ;)

STL is crazy all the time, but its still the best thing ever. I have loved being able to get to know and work with more of the sisters in the mission. I might be a little biased, but I'm pretty sure that the California Los Angeles Mission has the best missionaries in the world. Miracles are happening here all the time, because our missionaries are diligently working hard to hasten the work. It’s the coolest thing to see. 

We went on exchanges this past week and I got to go back to my old area! I returned to Bell Gardens! It was so good seeing familiar faces and seeing some new ones as well. It was crazy seeing my handwriting all in the area book. Ha-ha

We didn't have a baptism this past Sunday like we were planning on it, but we are still working with S… and A…. It’s all going to work out and we are going to work harder to make sure they are prepared to make their first covenant with God. We did end up going to a baptism though. It was an investigator the Elders taught. And last minute they didn't have a pianist for one of the songs. I gained a huge testimony of the Holy Ghost bringing things back to our remembrance as I played the song for everyone. 

We also had interviews with President this past week. So good. I will be coming home in October! Crazy to think how close that is. I was also bragging about my companion during the interview and how good she is at street contacting. Shouldn't have done that.

Tomorrow we have a Mission Leadership Conference meeting, which is basically all day. The trainings we learn there are taught to the entire mission later on in the week in the separate Zone Training Meetings. Well, tomorrow will be my first MLC. And Sister Landon and I are training on street contacting. The things I get myself into.

Well I have to go, but thanks for all your support! I can't wait to hear about your missionary experiences next week. Remember the challenge? I've been praying for all of you. 

Love you so much!
From Downey,

Hermana Mik Pillar

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