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July 7, 2014

My Dearest Family,

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! 

Congrats to Carlene and Larry on their mission call. I'm so excited for them to go to Nauvoo. We will for sure have to go and visit!!!

James and Dad. Feel better!

Well I did. I made it to age 22. It’s so weird. I haven't really been able to grasp it yet; I kind of feel like I was never 21. Ha-ha. But this year is going to be great. 

This week was nuts. Literally nuts, but so good at the same time. 

I think my camera card and camera reader were stolen. I lost them and my USB drive. I found my USB drive at the library lost and found (I accidentally left it there a few weeks ago) and think I might have left the camera card as well except it wasn't there with the USB. I'm still looking and hoping I left it somewhere else, but so far... no luck. 

The week consisted of a very powerful, very inspired Missionary Leadership Council (MLC.) Its a meeting with President, the Assistants, all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. Its once a month and was my first one. And just so happened to be on my birthday. It was probably one of the best ways to spend a birthday. We did our training on street contacting and I felt like it went well and that we did a really good job teaching what the Lord wanted. The meeting was so good. One of the new changes that we found out about, is the First Presidency has asked that we teach lesson 5 from Preach My Gospel before baptism now. It’s way exciting. I really feel like it will make a huge difference. Now it helps the investigator realize that the temple is the goal and baptism is just the gate. I'm stoked. Sister Landon told everyone at the MLC luncheon that it was my birthday, so of course they all sang to me. So embarrassing. But it was very nice of her. 

Well after the MLC we had planned to go to the Visitor Center with some of our investigators and then go to the temple with Sister Landon's convert. When we checked our phone after MLC, we had a text message from some of the sisters that we cover and they needed some help. Plus, our investigators had cancelled and couldn't make it to the Visitor Center. So back to Downey we went. I felt prompted that we should do an exchange. So we switched with the sisters and Sister Landon and one of the other sisters went to the temple and I stayed with the other one. Sounds like a terrible thing to happen on the birthday, but it wasn't. So I had a great birthday on exchanges. I did take some time and we went and got some of my favorite ice cream. It wasn't Persian. But it was still really good. :)

Also, I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but Sister Landon and I live with another set of sisters. Sister Hart and Sister Dopp. They are the best. For my birthday, while Sister Landon and I were running, they went and filled our car with balloons and streamers. We could barely open the doors. :) Then that night, they sang me T-Swift's "22" but changed the lyrics to be about a missionary. Literally one of the best things I've ever heard. Ha-ha

The rest of the week consisted of emergency transfers, miracles street contacts, and unexpected trips to the Visitor Center. 

We have these new investigators named N… and M... They are so great. And so prepared! We wanted to go with them to the VC on my birthday. It didn't happen. But they called us up on Wednesday and wanted to go. It was so cool. During the tour, M… started asking if he could still be a God Father for people in his family, if he became Mormon, because he wanted to become Mormon. I love those kind of questions. :) They really felt the Spirit and loved the Visitor Center.  

Then we had an awkward moment where another investigator told us that he would go to the Visitor Center with us. When went to his place to wake him up and then we left to go wake up his nephew at a different house, and when we come back he had left for Mexico. I never realized things like that could happen in real life. But they do. Ha-ha don't worry, he's back and we will find him and teach him. 

We tried to visit this same man last night, but they weren't available when we stopped by. But his kids were there and some of his nephews. So Sister Landon and I sat down to teach them. We sang, "I am a Child of God” with all of them and talked about how we felt afterwards. It was so sweet to hear their answers. We heard everything from good to comfortable. And then one of the super shy ones prayed for us. It was the sweetest prayer. He thanked God for all his house and food and then asked God to bless all those who didn't have a house to have one. 

I was really touched by his genuine concern for others. It was a powerful reminder that we need to be like submissive and meek like children. We can learn a lot from them. 3 Nephi 26: 14. 

I've got to go, but thank you all so much for your prayers and support. It makes a huge difference. I can feel them. 
Love you lots. Please keep trying to have missionary conversations and share the gospel. I didn't hear back from any of you if you had had a change to have a conversation, but keep praying for the opportunities. 

Love you lots.

Hermana Mik Pillar 

the cool graffiti wall next to our aparmtent. #notamodel
Happy Fourth of July! Sister Landon did not want to wear them. But as we can see I was victorious. 

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