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May 28, 2013

Hey Family!
So thanks for your emails and thanks for the packages. It always brightens my day to see the little pink slip with my name on it saying I have a package! You have no idea how much the little things mean to someone in the MTC. Its weird to think I am leaving this place TOMORROW! I feel as if I just got the hang of it here, but it’s off to bigger and better things! I am so excited for LA and to meet my trainer and to finally work with the people I have been preparing to meet. We've had a few devotionals about departing and being an example for the church. They definitely put a lot of pressure on you, but if the field is anything like the MTC it is going to be amazing!
So couple stories from the week. Like I said last week, I am the only person in my district original from North America. It was a great experience though because everyone was able to help me improve with my Spanish. There was another Elder in a different district that asked me where my family was from. I was like... North Carolina?? He thought I was Hispanic!! Ha-ha. Not going to lie. I felt kind of proud that I could pull off the Spanish look. My district has already told me they have adopted me as a Latino.
Also, two nights ago, my companion and I were walking back to our room with our roommates. I was the last one about to walk into the room when I heard a commotion coming from another room just down the hall. I paused to ask someone what was going on with the door wide open. My mistake. A little brown mouse came sprinting down the hall and right into our room. That little guy was FAST. Anyways, two girls chased after it into my room and I jumped back into the hall screaming. Well the door closed and all of my roommates were freaking out. For a good 3-5 minutes all I could hear were screams coming from my room. Not going to lie... it was a tad bit funny. They finally caught the mouse and threw him out the window (we live on the third floor.) Moral of the story... the MTC has mice and I'm glad I'm leaving in less than twenty-four hours.
My stomach finally adjusted to the food here. Of course right when you get use to the MTC they kick you out, but I'm really not complaining. I'm excited for all the Mexican food. I have seen Sarah Mumford and Karsten. Karsten had his camera one time, so we took a picture. So talk to Sister Eliason. Hopefully he'll send it to her. Sister Eliason also sent me a package of Krispy Kreme donuts. It was so sweet of her. It was then I realized that people don't get fat from all the MTC food. Its all the packages everyone sends them! Ha-ha. But it’s been great to feel the support and love from everyone.
This week went by a lot faster than the first. I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish... finally! But it felt great. So now I have started it all over again, but the stories of Nephi and Lehi never get old. I also started reading the New Testament. The stories of Christ are inspiring. My flight should be leaving about 10 o'clock your time. So be ready for the phone call!!! My companion’s flight got changed once she got there. So if it doesn’t' happen at 10 don' fret. I cannot wait to talk to you.
Love you sooo much!!!!!! Keep the faith!
From the daughter headed to LA,
Hermana Mikayla Pillar

Mikayla's MTC District w/ one of their teachers - Hermano Johnson
Back row: Hermano Gamez, Hermano Malpica, Hermano Johnson, Hermano Franco and Hermano Adams. 
Front row: Hermana Cuevas, Hermana Cena, Hermana Leon, Hermana Hourrutiner, Hermana Morenoand Hermana Pillar 

Sisters in the district and counselor in the Branch Presidency's wife. 
Elders in Mikayla's District  
Mikayla and the Elders
Last day with Hermano Ramsey; a great teacher. 

Mikayla did indeed call the next morning from the Salt Lake airport.  She and the other missionaries leaving the MTC woke up at 4:30 am in order to arrive at the airport in time for their flights.  Mikayla's MTC companion had left the week before for Denver so Mikayla had been companion hopping during her last week.  It was wonderful to talk to her and hear how much she had grown in the past two weeks.  

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