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MAY 15, 2013

First communication from Sister Pillar 

May 21, 2013

Oh how I have missed you guys! I've wanted to call home every night and tell you everything that has happened, but sadly that is not allowed. Anyways... life has been pretty great. Wednesday I was dropped off. I had a "host" take me to my room and we dropped off my stuff. After I picked up some papers, I went straight to class. We really don't waste any time here. I met my companion during that time, and I have to say I total lucked out. I have the BEST companion. We have become pretty good friends and get a long super well. Her name is Hermana Moreno and she's going to Denver North Mission next week. Also, that first day in class I learned that I am the person from North America in my district! Everyone else is natives of south and Central America or grew up speaking Spanish with their family. But I have been totally blessed. I LOVE my district and everyone has been super nice and super supportive of me and my attempts at speaking Spanish. Some days are better than others, but slowly the language is coming. The rest of Wednesday we were put into groups with other missionaries that had just reported and taught investigators in groups. And guess who I ran into…Sister Lutz! I was totally not expecting it, but in one of the group meetings I glanced over and noticed this Sister's tag. I think I might have scared her when I ran up to her after the meeting asking if she knew the Bannon family. She was so friendly and was like Yay! Ha-ha.
This past weekend my companion got sick. She came down with some sort of stomach virus. It's been unpleasant. We both were on lock down in our room for Saturday and part of Sunday. She was contagious and couldn't be around people. But she still needs a companion so I got to go with her. It was fine though. I got a lot of time to do some personal study and review some Spanish grammar. So no complaints. Plus, I didn't get sick. It was just another testimony builder for me. When I was set apart, I was told I wouldn't get sick if I obeyed all the mission rules. I held the Lord accountable for that promise, and the blessing came true. (No surprise there.) I am just so grateful.

So to answer some of your questions, the pillows looked suspicious. So I just set the one they gave me aside in my closet and am using the one I brought. There are four girls including me in my bedroom, but we have six beds. So there's been plenty of space for us. You asked about Sunday... the myth is busted. We had three meals on Sunday! But I busted out laughing when I read your card. Thanks so much for the cinnamon rolls!! I was so excited. (Confession: I did share them with my district. I think it definitely gave me some brownie points with the Elders. But I was never going to finish all of them before they went bad.) The food here has taken some time for my stomach to get use too. As a result I've eaten less and think my stomach shrunk. It's just another reason why I can't wait for LA!
Here in the MTC every day's schedules a bit different. But usually we have at least 6 hours of classroom study. They are in three-hour blocks. For each block we have a different teacher. The teachers have been great, and I've learned a ton from them. We have to practice teaching in companionships and act like the teacher is an investigator. And the teacher's don't go easy on us. Plus, EVERYTHING is in Spanish. My companion has been a great help though because I stutter like crazy as I'm trying to conjugate the verbs in my head while teaching. 
Oh and here is some news that surprised me. I leave for LA May 29. So I will be in the MTC exactly two weeks. But my release date is October 17, 2014. Apparently, my transfer started four weeks ago. So as of right now, I am coming home a month earlier than I had planned. Well see what the mission president says once I get to LA. But I was a bit surprised. I don't know what the rules are in my mission, but as of right now I can email anyone. 
I've run into a ton of people that I know here at the MTC! I've seen Sister Ashley Payne twice! Others include my roommate Mackenzie, who works at the bookstore; (She said she sent you a message on Face Book. Did you get it?) And I saw Anita Levia today too! She works in the cafeteria. I've seen both Jenica and Jolysa Sedjuwick. And other people I know from BYU. It has been so fun.
Well my time is almost up, but knows that I love you and miss you guys like crazy!! But I definitely know this is where I am supposed to be. I keep getting this feeling that something/ someone is waiting for me in LA. 
From your daughter living in the MTC,
Hermana Mikayla Pillar 

Sister Lutz & Sister Pillar 

Sister Lutz is originally from CA and is a friend of the Bannon Family.  The Bannons became great friends of the Pillars in NC and were excited to learn that Brenna & Mikayla were both called to serve Spanish speaking mission and would report to the MTC on the same day.  Amazingly even though hundreds of missionaries reported on May 15th, Brenna & Mikayla met up.  

Hermana Moreno & Hermana Pillar 

Mik loves yellow sheets and her comfy blanket
MTC roomies and district members
Mik and two Elders from her district who will also be serving in LA
MTC District Sisters

Hermana Moreno & Hermana Pillar 

MTC District 

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