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June 5, 2013

Oh boy, I have so much to tell you and so little time. So I'll try to get everything in that I want.  Wednesday was crazyy. But miracles really do happen. I sat next to this man on the plane to LA and we totally had this in depth conversation about the church. I was able to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon and told him to go visit a LDS church once he got back. He said he would look into it. So fingers crossed. It was still an awesome experience.

We arrived and were met by the mission president and his wife with the APs. All the new missionaries arrived together and I am stoked, because there were a lot of really cool missionaries on the plane that I had not met before; so I get the chance to work with them in the mission field now. The day consisted of some orientation meetings, a fantastic lunch, and then we were sent off with our temporary companions. That night I went to a members’ house for dinner, the Burrows. They are one of the kindest families I've ever met. I instantly fell in love with them. Thursday we headed back to the mission home with more meetings and interviews and then the assignment of the companions. I ended up staying with my "temporary" companions and yes we are a trio. Their names are Hermana Buckley (from Utah) and Hermana Perry (from West Virginia.) They are both amazing missionaries and hard workers!  It’s been quite the experience. They were companions for the last two transfers and had a lot of success. I was a bit overwhelmed and terrified at first. I'm keeping up with this year’s motto "Building Character." 

My new Area is called Venice. It consists of a small part of Santa Monica too. It’s super close to the Visitor's Center and the temple, so we use the Visitor's center A LOT. It’s been great. We are in the La Cinenega Ward, which from what I have heard is one of the best. From my experience in the ward, this has proven to be true. I've met some awesome members like the Burrows.

The apartment is small, but super nice. We have one front room that has three tables for our study times, a tiny kitchen, one bathroom, and then a bedroom with a bed and bunk beds. Yours truly gets the top bunk, but its such a soft bed that I don't mind. I'll take pictures and send you the card in the next few weeks. We are in a car area, so even though my bike was ready when I arrived, I haven't been able to use it. Apparently, there is only like two areas where the sisters use bikes. Everyone else has a car. 

The best part of the mission so far has been teaching. I was actually really scared for this part, but it’s amazing what the spirit can do. My companions also just had a baptism two weeks ago. I got to meet the recent convert and he is amazing. The man was found through street contacting, came to church the first Sunday and then read the Book of Mormon in 9 days. His name is Rogelio, and he has been an inspiration to me. He really treasures the gospel and is so excited to share it. He's been a member for two weeks and is already bringing people to the Visitor's Center by himself!! It’s crazyy. I felt so honored to have the opportunity to meet him. We are also teaching another investigator, Saul. He has a baptismal date for the end of this month! It’s way exciting and fun to teach him because he is learning stuff for the first time around. We went to the temple the other day, and were able to talk about eternal families. He seemed excited!! 

I also learned this week McDonalds has $.49 ice cream that just seems to hit the spot. Both my companions and I are fans. 

For future references, my P-days are usually Mondays. We went to the temple this week, so it was moved. I'll try to have more interesting stories for next week.
Love you guys and miss you all a lot!!!
Hermana Pillar

Thanks for your prayers! And your updates! I'm praying for you guys as well. 

Hermana Pillar after loading her new bike

Hermana Perry 

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