Friday, June 7, 2013


 When Mikayla submitted her mission papers she listed May 1, 2013 as her availability date so she would be able to complete another semester at BYU.  She was glad she did as she really enjoyed winter semester, the friends she made and her mission prep class.  When she received her mission call her report date for the MTC (Mission Training Center) was May 29, 2013.  Mikayla was given a phone language test and because of her previous Spanish classes and study abroad experience in Spain was told she would only be in the MTC for 2 weeks instead of the usual 6 weeks.  Her report date was moved up to May 15th.  After completing Winter semester, packing and storing her belonging, saying goodbye to roommates and friends she returned to NC on May 1st which gave her less than 2 weeks to prepare to leave again.  Mikayla and her family vacationed in Charleston, SC, had family pictures taken, shopped, held an open house, shopped, packed, shopped and Mikayla was ready to leave on May 14th.  The previous evening she was set apart as a missionary.  The blessing was a comfort to Mikayla and her parents as it promised great blessings if she worked hard and followed the mission rules. Mikayla's sister Madeline and brother James wanted to accompany her to the airport but had AP and state exams they could not miss. 

May 14, 2013
Mikayla may look as though she is ready for a nap and probably was since she was up late packing and had a morning flight. 

Mikayla checking in for her flight.

James' card

Mikayla's 12 year old brother, James, really had a hard time with the fact that Mik was leaving for 18 months.  He loved the times he and Mikayla spent together when she was home from college.  James made the above card as his way of saying goodbye.  James does not enjoy writing so we were impressed with the commentary he added. 

Mikayla and her dad. 
Mikayla's dad gave her a Father's Blessing the morning before she left.  It was a wonderful experience for us all, but very emotional.  Jim, Mikayla's dad said it was much harder sending a child on a mission than going on one himself.  

And there she goes....

It was a tribute to Mikayla how many friends, coworkers, associates and family members called and texted her parents that day to check on them and make sure Mikayla had gotten off ok. 

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