Monday, September 2, 2013


September 2, 2013

Hello Family!
So I hope this is getting to you. I am currently sitting in an internet cafe checking emails. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I had no idea what an internet cafe was like. I was kind of expecting some coffee and croissants and a few computers. Not quite. It’s more of like a computer store and it is a tad bit sketchy, especially when the power button didn't work the first twenty times on the computer. No worries though. Life is grand.

To answer your question about my shoulder bag, in all honesty, I hardly use it during the week. We just have too much stuff to carry and it gets to heavy and kills my shoulder. My companion and I carry our backpacks.  The shoulder bag has been super nice on P-Days though.

Updates on my new area... Cudahy. It is so hot here. I didn't realize how nice it was to be next to the coast in my last area. Venice was a good 10 degrees cooler with a breeze. Plus, Venice was close to the city. Cudahy is…well not city at all. Lots of houses, apartments, a few schools, and then maybe a few store. We hardly have any big name stores around here. But I really like it here. There's plenty of Latinos to talk too and our potential investigators are great people.

On Thursday we did "service." One of our less-actives is trying to start her own business from her home doing nails. She hasn't done acrylic nails for a while and asked if she could practice on us. We said sure. Well Sister Rudd went first and then we ran out of time before I could go. I don't think Sister Rudd realized what she had signed herself up for. She had these huge nails on her hands when we left and was struggling to use her hands for stuff. Being the mature and kind companion that I am, I laughed (and helped with what I could like untying her shoes.) That night she ran into the issue of trying to get her contacts out. So we tried to take the nails off. I'm not quite sure what type of glue was used to apply those bad boys, but they would not budge. WE TRIED EVERYTHING. Tender mercy from that night was Sister Rudd was able to get her contacts out with the nails and a few prayers. She found a way to clip them down, but they are still glued tight. All the other missionaries at our district meeting had a good laugh about it.

This past Friday, we also had exchanges with our Sister Trainer Leaders. The night before the STL called to inform us that Sister Rudd would be leaving the area and I would be staying while Sister Burbank came. I was nervous and stressing. It was my first time ever being the "more knowledgeable" one about the area. Friday came and guess who got to drive for her first time in LA; This girl right here. Can you say best day ever?! Loved it. Loved driving. Loved being the one to call the ropes. And we had a terrific day. We found three new people who were interested in hearing more. Unfortunately they don't live in our area so we had to pass them on to the missionaries in their areas, but hey its still building the kingdom.

Saturday I got to go to a Samoan baptism and then a Spanish wedding for dinner. I love LA! 

Overall we had a pretty solid week. I'm trying to apply the teachings from the Doctrine & Covenants to my mission.  I love how we are not asked to do anything alone. All we are asked to do is our best. Then we need to stand still and watch. Jesus Christ will make up the difference. I need to remind myself sometimes to stand still and watch. It’s not necessarily easy, but when we take the time to watch we see the miracles that happen in our life. We really do see the hand of the Lord.  Look for the miracles. They are there. Promise.

Like always... love you all!!!! The Church is so true!
Praying for you daily,
Hermana Mik Pillar

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