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September 9, 2013

Hey Family,
So the work is going here in Cudahy. I don't have a ton of time, (sorry there's a time limit on the library computers.) So I'll make it brief. We have two super great families that we are teaching at the moment. The L. family and B. & N. They are WONDERFUL. Both are having issues with the whole going to church thing, but the Lord always provides a way. We have also been working with less actives a lot! LOVE THEM. Same thing. They need to get to church. But miracles are in the works.

This week we had a wonderful training on the Book of Mormon and committing people to meet with us. Our sister training leaders said that God is preparing people for us to meet. Whenever we find people on the street, we ask them if they will meet with us the next day. If they can't, then God needs to prepare them a little more. I was a bit nervous with this at first because most of the time people want to meet a week later. (The downside to this is they aren't there half the time.) But it’s been amazing. We've been asking people to meet the next day and are finding people!!! Our schedule is BOOKED for the next week. Sometimes they won't meet with us so we just have to give them our number and ask them to call us. But we are finding those who are part of the elect. So that's cool.

The second lesson was about the Book of Mormon. And how we need to makes sure active members of the church are reading the Book of Mormon every day. There's a special power that comes when we read the book and we need that in our homes. So here's my commitment to you. Read the book every day! You will see miracles. Promise.

Sorry that's all that I have time for today. Love you all.
Hermana Mik Pillar

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