Monday, November 25, 2013


November 25, 2013

My Dearest Family,

So update on my life - Sister Sorto has been ill for awhile and she and the Mission President decided she should go home and get well.  She is originally from Honduras, but left from Georgia when she came on her mission.  So on Saturday she returned to Georgia and hopefully will get better soon. She was an amazing example of trusting in the Lord. I honestly feel like Heavenly Father said, "Sister Pillar, I'm going to give you my best example of trusting in the Lord and I'm going to ask that you learn from her." And boy does Sister Sorto trust in Him. It was a huge blessing and privilege to be her companion.

Because Sister Sorto left I had an emergency transfer and now I am an English-speaking missionary in the LA Young Single Adult ward, and am super excited about it!! I know I said I never wanted to serve English-speaking, but I've wanted to serve in a YSA area.  This area covers a whole stake, which includes parts of Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and a bunch of cities which names I can’t remember right now. I live in the Patron apartments, which are on the temple grounds!! I live right next to the temple! Crazy huh?? It is the tiniest apartment I've been in, but it is super convenient. There's a place to do laundry for super cheap and its right next to the mission office. There's a senior couple here on a mission, the Kelleys. I love them so much and they work in the mission office. They are now our neighbors! We have a free place to wash our car and the church building is basically right behind the apartments so we can walk to church. 

My new companion is Sister Harrison and she's great!!! She is from Kentucky and I love her lots already! Sister Harrison arrived in LA one transfer before me. Last transfer she was assigned to a trio and they were covering two YSA wards. Now, the other companionship has one of the YSA wards and we have the other. 
Because of our large area we still have a car, which I'm grateful for, but I hate driving in LA. People are very aggressive here. 

I attended church in English for the first time in six months and it was a culture shock. I was asked to read a quote and couldn’t remember how to pronounce a work in English, but the gospel is still true no matter what language! The ward has a super great bishopric and I'm excited to work with them. 

OH and get this!! Remember the violinist from America's Got Talent!? The one who danced and played and was Mormon?!?! Well she has her own video on Her name is Lindsey Striling. Look it up! It’s so good. I tell everyone to look it up. Well anyways... she is in our ward!!! I MET LINDSEY STIRLING! She's a ward missionary and came to a lesson with us on Saturday. And she's feeding us Wednesday! Ahh my life is so cool!!  

The challenge is going to be able to find young single adults around the holiday seasons. But challenge accepted. We'll do what the Lord wants us to do here. 

This past week we had zone conference and it was AMAZING! I had the blessed opportunity to go twice because of the Emergency Transfer. It was just as good the second time around. The focus was having deeper faith and higher expectations. We have been asked to pray more. I know that when we have specific goals and faith enough to achieve them, the Lord will make those goals a reality. He blesses our righteous desires. So I've been trying really hard to trust in Him and pray for specific things. The LA YSA has a goal to have three baptisms before February 1st. Will you help us out and pray that we will find, teach, and baptize three people in the LA YSA before February 1st? We need to call down the windows of heaven, and we need all the help we can get. Thanks for already for keeping us in your prayers, but now its hastening time. We need to ask specifically for what we want. 

We have been reading the Book of Mormon as a mission and the other day I read about the stripling warriors. It’s just a great story all the way around, but I love how even though their fathers had covenanted not to fight they still helped in anyway they could. They sent provisions to their sons out in the field. I wrote in my scriptures next to this verse. Mom + Dad :) ha-ha thanks for helping the soldiers. I hope you know how extremely grateful I am for the packages and help. 

Oh and guess what! The Bannon's sent me a package! That was the sweetest thing ever!

As for Thanksgiving, no worries, we are going to a member’s home. She was super sweet and called and asked if we had any Thanksgiving traditions that they could do to make us feel more at home. :) So there will be candy corn. We are excited!!

Thanks for everything! Seriously ya'll are doing great! I hope you see the blessings from your work with the missionaries. 
Love you so much!!!
Hermana (now Sister) Mik Pillar  

P.S. Check out the scarf I have been knitting! And here's a picture of Sister Sorto and me. 

Hermana Pillar & Hermana Sorto 
Mik's knitting project 

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