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October 21, 2013 

My Dearest Family!
Another week has come and gone and we are almost done with October. Where is the time going??!

So update on this week...
Last P-Day I learned a very valuable life lesson. My companion told me that its super important to wash your pillow every other transfer. I told her that she was crazy and that would ruin my pillow if I put it in the wash. Well, she finally convinced me by saying that it would make it super fluffy. I gave in. Rookie mistake. I now sleep with a morphed pillow. (My companion says that on the plus side it is now dust free.)

Also, I don't know if I ever updated you... I'm designated driver now. Super cool yeah! However, we got reared ended on Tuesday. Don't freak... it was super minor. And we were parked at a stop light in traffic, so totally not my fault and nothing I could have done to prevent it.  It was so minor that you can barely see the imprint of the license plate on our back bumper. However, we still had to fill out an accident sheet, take our car to the auto shop twice and drive up to Santa Monica so they could look at it in the Mission Office. I don't think I'll have to pay anything, but I'll keep you updated.

This past week I was also sick-ish. We got flu shots on Tuesday, so I'm not sure what I had. It was like stomach aches and aches in the joints, but Priesthood power is a real thing. I asked the Elders in my ward on Sunday for a blessing. All four of them were able to give me a blessing of health, and I have felt way better since then. It was a super cool experience and I am so grateful for the; our Elders rock. Especially the ones in the ward.

Our ward had a Primary Activity for Halloween. It was the classic Trunk-or-Treat. So Sister Walker and I obviously made flyers for it and handed it out to everyone we knew. We challenged some members to invite friends and they did it! The Relief Society's daughter invited people from school (I tell her all the time that's she’s a rock star. It’s a true fact.) And the R.'s daughters invited people. V.  invited her friend, who invited her parents, who are related to Mormons, searching for a Church, and now are our new investigators!!! I am so proud of V.!!!!!! Seriously. It’s the members that make the missionary work happen. We've met with the Mom once, but hopefully will be able to go up to the Visitor's Center this week with the family. I'm stoked.

 One last thing, a sister missionary who served in this area last year came back to visit! It was way fun talking to her because her name is all over our area book. Anyways, later that week we went to go visit R. She's less active, but I love her family so much! She is the sweetest. She told us the former missionary came to visit her! I was like yeah I'll for sure come and visit you after my mission. She got very serious and was like "You promise?" I promised and promised I would bring my family. So just a heads up we are coming back to LA sometime in 2015. I know its forever away, but I'm stoked for you to meet people. :)

So our whole mission is reading the Book of Mormon together. We have certain chapters we have to read each day. And let me just say its been amazing. We are in Mosiah right now, and I'm loving it. Today I read about Alma and how after he and those that converted and were baptized fled from King Noah, they were still captured by the Lamanites. The Lord allowed for them to go through tribulation, but he was always with them making their burdens light when they cried unto him. And then he delivered them. I loved this. It’s not necessarily always the easiest or fun thing to do, but I am so appreciative that our Heavenly Father allows us to grow. Then He extends His merciful hand and delivers. He always delivers. I invite you all to continue reading the Book of Mormon each day. Heck, make your own plan and read the same chapters every day on your own time and then discuss them as family at dinner. Miracles and blessings will follow. They always do; it’s God's law.

I hope everything is going well in the great state of NC. I met a man yesterday who said the best people come from NC. I had to agree.

Love you all!!!!
From Cali!!
Hermana Mik Pillar
Hermana Pillar & Rodney 

Elder Puertas, Elder Cloward & Hermana  Pillar 

Elder Taylor, Elder Erickson, Elder Dunn & Elder Condor 

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