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July 21, 2014

My Dearest Family,
So I just emailed a bunch of pictures and have hardly any time to email now. But hopefully you all like the pics! I lost a bunch because my camera card is missing. I keep praying that I will find it, but I'm afraid someone might have stolen it. Hopefully it will turn up. Sometimes we find things nine months later. ;)
This week was hectic. Like always. Quick overview:
Sister Landon had her departing missionary fireside last night. It was so good. 26 missionaries are going home this transfer. So at the fireside there was probably over a thousand people. It was nuts! But so fun. I was happy for her and that so many people were able to say good bye. She's changed and touched a lot of lives.
This past week Sister Landon rolled/sprained her ankle. Turns out though the new medicine for sprained ankles is to just walk on them. So we just did the norm. She walked a little bit slower but that was about it.
I  got to go back to Hermosa Liahona for the day! We had to do exchanges because Sister Landon went to the temple with the departing missionaries. I was with Sister Diaz and Sister Bossa. It was so good. I miss those people.
Coolest tender mercy of the week: 
Two people were suppose to be confirmed on Sunday. F and A. F was there and is now a new member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A was having car trouble and there was all this confusion. He didn't make it in time to be confirmed (but there is always next week) but the cool part was he did come for the last 20 minutes of sacrament. The car still wasn't working 100%, he had gotten home from work at like 4am in the morning, but A tried so hard to come. It really touched my heart. Even in despite of all tribulation, he came.

I wish everyone would have the desire to fight through the hard times. One of my favorite scriptures 1 Nephi 3:7 is very well known, but how often do we apply it to our lives. We are given commandments, but how often do we find excuses for why they don't apply to us or why it won't work this time. Even Nephi had to try three times to obtain the plates. I was so proud of Andres for persevering and getting to church. It wasn't easy, but the Lord provided away.
So keep enduring. Keep going. Keep praying daily. Keep reading the scriptures daily, and keep going to church. The blessing will come. They always do!
Love you lots!
Hermana Mik Pillar 
Let's not forget that we serve in LA. We were at the Lopez's house for dinner and look what they had. 

one time this past week Sister Landon fell on our morning run and sprained her ankle. We came inside and this is what she did and asked for her hat. 

She said "I always be trippin'." haha 

This was our transfer and baptism goals. Not everyone got baptized, but everything else happened. 
Sister Bossa and I on exchanges while our companions went to the temple because they are LEAVING! we were in my old area hermosa liahona at the Santos for dinner. SO GOOD!
We saw Sister Daza!!! Sure it was 9am in the morning so they were still in their PJs but it was so good to see her! 

Our carpets got cleaned. So we got blue slippers!
Last night was the departing missionary fireside. We went because of Sister Landon and she gave her testimony. R and C were there. I taught them in Hermosa Liahona. I was SO HAPPY to see them!!! 

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