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September 8, 2014

My Dearest Family,

Its September and still 104 degrees outside. Norwalk has been hotter than ever! But it’s been good.

James!! You are the Deacon President!!! That's super exciting! WAY TO GO!

Maddie... best of luck with the college applications. You'll do great. 

So to answer your question mom, yes, I am still a STL. Sister Forbush is a STL with me and we are training Sister Hovermale. Sister Hovermale is hilarious and I love her a lot already. I feel like she has already been out for a lot longer than a week. She's so good. 

Being a STL and a trainer is a bit tricky, but we are doing our best to make it work. We only exchange with three companionships this transfer (vs the seven we had last transfer.) But our companionships are opening an area, training themselves, and on bike and very stressed about it. So we still have a lot of work to do. But it keeps things so fun. 

This week was a bit of a hectic one. 
Tuesday: We come home from transfers (I had to go to several training meetings) to clean our house so they can spray for cockroaches. Only to find out that after an hour of deep cleaning, the people had already come and sprayed and we just scrubbed the spray off. 

Wednesday: We heard a woman screaming for help outside our apartment window right before we went to bed. My companions didn't know what to do. So (mom you would be proud of me for making a decision) I called the cops. We reported the incident. Everything turned out fine. There had been some disagreement outside, but the cops said it was nothing to worry about. I felt so bad for the trainee. It was her second day and I was like "Welcome to the mission!"

Wednesday: We went to get the oil changed in our car and went street contacting while we waited. We met some super cool people and a found a new investigator! Blessings from using all our time wisely. I have to say that I am so grateful for Sister Forbush and Sister Hovermale they are amazing at street contacting. 

Thursday: New Missionary Training and Weekly Planning. It was a long day.

Friday: MIRACLES!! So there is the couple that would just complete my mission if they were to get baptized! They are so cool!!! Their names are N and E. They live in the same apartment complex as our ZLs. Back in July we met them and went to the Visitor Center with them. It was amazing. We met with them one time after that, and then had the hardest time getting a hold of them. I think they just got busy. And so we just stopped trying to contact them. 

Well Friday, randomly, we received a text from N saying they were going to go to the Visitor Center and asked if we wanted to come. Uh... YES! So we went with them and E’s mom. And it was powerful! N even told me that she has been reading the Book of Mormon. :) It was awesome and she has been seeing blessings in her life since she started reading. #thechurchistrue

Then we talked with E P afterwards. She is 15 years old and was baptized on Saturday. She had an experience this past week where someone was saying rude comments about her being a Mormon and for being baptized. E testified and stood up for what she believed. She said she just stopped talking to them after awhile because she didn't want to make things worse. I asked her about how she still felt about being baptized and she is still proud of her decision. E hadn't even been a member a week and was already being a huge light to others. I was SO proud of her. She's amazing, simply amazing. 

Saturday: We ran from appointment to appointment. We have about 10 recent converts we are trying to teach and get ready for temple baptisms. It’s been hectic but so much fun. I love working with the converts. It’s amazing how much these people have changed. They just glow now. It’s amazing to see people changing and improving their lives.

Sunday: Do to some confusing construction, our investigator J got lost and didn't make it to church. That was sad. But all the new missionaries sang as prelude music. I got to play. "Nearer My God to Thee." It’s like one of three hymns, which I can play with both hands. Ha-ha! So I'm afraid Santa Fe Springs will be sick of it before I leave, but its still fun nonetheless. I'll be practicing some more when I get home.

Today: Sister Forbush is in a musical production that will be held this coming Sunday at the Visitor Center. So we came up to Santa Monica for the day. Obviously, we will be going to get some Persian Ice Cream before returning home. :)

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve a mission. The Gospel is true. We were talking with a less active this week and he told us that he knows the church is true. But he hasn't been to church in years. I asked him, "Well if the church is true, what does that change?" And he said, "well... nothing." It broke my heart. The church is true and that changes everything. All of a sudden, we have a purpose. We have a Father in Heaven who loves us and is doing everything to help bring us back. We have guides to lead us and guide us to safety and happiness. 

We have been reading in the Book of Mormon as a mission looking for references about the Savior. I've never realized how much the Savior is talked about. In my reading this week, I read in 2 Nephi 19. It talks about destruction in the last days, but even with all the destruction v. 19 says, "For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still." 
 The church is true. It changes everything and the Lord is always there waiting for us to take his hand.

Love you all!!
From Cali,

Hermana Mik Pillar

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