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September 29, 2014

My Dearest Family,
Thanks so much for your prayers. I felt them a lot this past week and they really helped. This transfer has been really fun, but it hasn't been super easy, and so the extra blessings have really been helpful. Thank you.

We have been trying really hard to find new people to teach and help retain our current recent converts. It’s a balancing act that we are still in the midst of figuring out. 

We went to a new missionary orientation for Sister Hovermale on Tuesday. It was cool because usually they are the same every transfer. However, President said he felt inspired to switch it up this time and I am so grateful he did. He talked a lot about relying on the Lord and casting our burdens on the Lord to help lift us up. I've thought a lot about that.

So we repented. We changed some things in our area and are hoping to be better. Mission standard is to get 20 conversations with new people a day. It’s been a struggle. Its not that we haven't wanted to do it, it’s just finding the time to do it with everything else. We rearranged our planning and now plan when we will get 20 conversations in. Example... if we go to an appointment, before leaving the car we pray specifically for the amount of conversations we want, and we don't let ourselves get back in the car until we reached that number of convos. It’s working. ;) I'll keep you updated on the miracles we see from it.

One cool miracle we had this week was Thursday. We had been at the church building with a member for a lesson and needed to take her home. She was waiting for something from the bishopric. We had about 20 minutes to get 7 conversations, get her home and then get to our apartment. So we prayed. During the prayer I felt inspired to go down the street and get some gas (We were getting close to empty,) while the member waited at the church. 

I told my companions my idea, they agreed and off we went. The gas station was packed! In ten minutes we had 5 conversations and met some really cool people. Miracle!!

We picked up the member and drove by the gas station again on our way home. It was completely empty. It was really cool to see how the Lord had literally placed people in our path to help us achieve our goals. I called it the miracle gas station for the rest of the week.

Yesterday, we went on exchanges with a member. Sister Forbush went with a member in the car and Sister Hovermale and I hit the bikes. It was so much fun!!! I am so grateful for a car, but I have to say that I love biking it too. I was feeling like I was on top of the world. We were talking to people left and right and even handed out a Book of Mormon. 

We were right in front of the same gas station when I totally wiped out on my bike. Overall, I'm fine, a few bruises. The thing that hurt the worse was my pride. It was wounded again when Sister Hovermale and I ran into a bush trying to avoid a closing gate and saw some people busting out laughing at us. But no worries... we definitely went and talked with them and invite them to hear more. :)

Oh and long story short... we were suppose to watch Meet the Mormons at a ZC. They started the movie and it stopped working after about 30 minutes. But the first 30 minutes are sooooo goood!!!! So please please please invite people to go and check it out. They will not be disappointed.

Thanks again for all your support and help.
I love you all. 

Sister Pillar

A church that we pass a few times in our area. I've always wanted to take a picture with it. and we finally did. 
We did splits and Sister Hovermale and I hit the bikes. I actually got to use my bike!!! ;)
Ice cream sandwiches from Gloria! 
The Teran's made us tortas. Literally the best sandwiches of my life.
Sister Biddolph.  A senior missionary who just went home.

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