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August 11, 2014

My Dearest Family,
I wish I could express how extremely grateful I am this week. We were so blessed. I don't have a ton of time so I'm going to be brief in the details and hopefully this makes sense...

Monday- We had an Epic FHE with the apartment complex known as Little Utah! It was legit. We had about six families there and it was so fun. The whole apartment complex wants to do it again. And everyone was spiritual edified from the FHE. It was so great.

Tuesday - Exchanges!! Sister Yanez and Sister Buys blessed our area. They came to the area with me and it was so good. Sister Buys is brand new in the mission and reminds me a lot of myself a year ago. She is being trained in a trio too. She also has a lot of allergies so we went out for dinner. Where did we go... El Pollo Loco. :)

Wednesday - Exchanges!!! I went with Sister Dopp to the English ward. It was crazy. We taught someone in a mental hospital!! Yeah I never thought I would do that on my mission. It was high security and everything. The things you do as a missionary. But it was really sad. We taught a less active that is 24 years old. He got involved with drugs and gang life. And now he acts like he is in his 70s because he moves so slow. Lesson learned: Drugs are so bad for you.

Thursday - Crazy cool lessons. After a bold invitation from my amazing companion, some of our investigators left the Spanish novela "Te quiero Te quiero" to come listen to a lesson. And it was awesome!!!

Friday- Zone Training Meeting! We gave two short training on Finding with Faith and using Text 6. It was good. Then... Exchanges!!! I went back to Bell Gardens with Sister Weller. She is like lo maximo!! She is an amazing missionary. We found four new investigators for that area and committed a family to go to the visitor center. At first the father said no, but after we bore our testimonies of the strong spirit we feel at the VC, he was willing to drive the sisters up. 

Saturday - We had a baptism last month with a man named F. I think I have written his story to you, but Long story short, he had called the sisters, set up an appointment, crazy sister slammed the door in their face, and never heard from him again, until... a member started talking to him on the street, had a meaningful gospel conversation, and four weeks later F as baptized. Cool right? Well we were at the Bishop's house this past weekend and we start telling this family about F's conversion story. Our bishop is like "Sisters, do you know how F got your number in the first place?"

In all honesty, I had never thought about it. But apparently A (bishop's son) started talking to F on the bus and gave him the sisters’ number. And well you now know the rest of the story. It was sooo cool. Member gospel conversations brought this man to the truth. #membermissionary #power

A had no idea that the man had been baptized. But he came on Sunday to see F receive the priesthood.

Sunday - 9 Investigators at church!

I'm sorry I have like five minutes left. ugh. But member you don't have any idea of the effect you can have on people with one conversations!! 

Love you lots!

Sister Mik Pillar

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